How to Prevent my Computer from going to sleep when I am running big process ?

By default on Windows 7, the computer sleeps after 30 minutes. Usually power plans and options are more required on laptops, but desktops also do use this setting. This is bad if you want to run some process which has to run for a long time like downloading from the internet or running torrents or running huge scripts. If you leave your computer unattended the computer sleeps after 30 minutes. This interrupts the process.

In order to change the power settings, and to Prevent my Computer from going to sleep ,

  • Goto Control Panel\System and Security\Power Options
  • Choose Change Plan Settings as shown on the image below Power options balanced power prevent computer to go sleep
  • On the Put computer to sleep option select Never (illustrated below) Power options change plan settings Turn off display Put the computer to sleep
  • Press Save Changes

And you are now ready to now run your long processes and the computer will not sleep. Remember this settings does not make your computer sleep and can cause to use more power. After you are done with the processes remember to revert it back so that we can be green on the planet :) .

You can also create a separate power plan in Windows 7 and use it when you are running long process.
Goto Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Create a Power Plan to create a new power plan.

25 Mar, 2010
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