Linux style command line for Windows, Drag to Select, Right click to paste

Ever wondered if you could want more out of the windows command line ?

Usually on windows command line in order to select a piece of text, you have to right click the command line title and select mark and then mark the piece of text selected and press enter. And to paste we have to right click on the title and in the Edit menu select paste, which is a painful way of doing it.

On linux on the other hand, command line, we can select using the mouse and right click using paste. Cygwin on windows gives most of the utilities on Linux, but the command line interface is still that of the Windows.

So in order to bring Linux like command line on Windows, you just have to enable an option, which most of us rarely know.

Right Click on the command line title and click properties
Quick Edit Enable 1

Now tick the checkbox as highlighted in the image given below :
Quick Edit Enable 2

Press OK and select save the properties for all windows.
select Modify the shortcut that launched this window. (If you executed from a shortcut, usually Cygwin)

TADA, now you can use mouse to select text and right click to paste just like a Linux BASH command line shell.

17 Feb, 2010
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