Windows 7 Fix Laptop Turning on Automatically

Somedays your laptop seems to wake up before you and be ready at the boot screen/logon screen, and you're wondering if the laptop is possessed by viruses or daemons, Fear not we can heal the issue of your laptop turning on automatically by following these simple steps. Some laptops including my vaio have this feature that allows it to boot itself up to do some tasks such as disk defrag or anti virus scans, you or some software might have scheduled some task to get it done during midnight. Hence the laptop might start itself and try to do the stuff. However this does not work for some of us, who dont want a zeroed down battery by the morning or as in my case have a dual boot operating system, so it doesnt go into windows by default and hence does nothing useful. So here are the steps to disable zombie wake ups by the laptop:

  • Click on the battery icon the right bottom screen
  • Click on More Power Options
    Battery Icon on task bar
  • Click Change plan settings
  • Change Advanced power settings towards the bottom
  • Under +Sleep +Allow wake timers, set both as Disable.
  • Click apply and repeat the above step for all power options,
  • Press OK and you're done.

And now your laptop shouldnt turn on automatically anymore.

If problems persist consult an extortionist ;)

11 Sep, 2012
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