Igqjj.exe Manual Removal Steps

IGQJJ.EXE is a Virus

It is usually present in your C: drive hidden and is run on Windows start up using the registry settings. Read on to get rid of this virus.

Removal Steps

  • Open Regedit.exe (Windows Run, Type in regedit.exe)
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run using the left tree,
  • Locate IGQJJ.EXE, note down its path denoted by the value on the right pane and then delete its entries. (Right click delete)
    igqjj.exe Manual Removal Step Regedit Tool Screenshot
  • Search for IGQJJ.EXE in regedit and remove all key value pairs for those occurences
  • Open notepad and open the file IGQJJ.EXE, For example if IGQJJ.EXE was present in C: Open C:\IGQJJ.EXE
  • Remove all the contents and save the file
  • Now restart your computer
  • IGQJJ.EXE should now not be able to run since we have removed it from Windows Startup Program list and even if somehow it can run the file has been corrupted by removing all its contents
  • Now you are free of IGQJJ.EXE

Got any more problems ? Comment and we will fight these viruses.

:) 28 Mar, 2010
Comments (2)
  • Cant delete IGQJJ.EXE please help

    After Navigating to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and locating "IGQJJ.EXE" ,I was not able to delete it.It was displaying a message of unable to delete.Eventhough i could'nt delete it, I was able to open it in notepad and remove the contents, but was not able to save it.Please help me out here.Thanks in advance.

    By Anonymous on 29 Mar, 2010
    • Windows Xp / Vista / 7 ?

      Are you getting a permission denied or a file in use error ? Take the Task Manager and end all igqjj.exe processes. Try the above methods again. If you are getting a write permission denied on the file See Solve Write Permission Denied on Windows, (NTFS File System). Try renaming the file too. If all these fails, please get me a copy of igqjj.exe Mailto: I would try removing the virus after installing it (again). :)
      By digitalpbk on 29 Mar, 2010
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