Brontok Virus manual removal steps

The Brontok virus is a commonly occuring virus and is transmitted mainly through removable Media drives such as Pen drives, Floppy Disks etc. Brontok appears in the form of a File Folder, with similar icons and has the same name as its parent folder. People tend generally to open the folder which in turn executes the virus. Read on to get rid of this virus.

Brontok Virus Symptoms, How to detect Brontok

In order to detect Brontok Virus on the system, watch out for the following symptoms :

  • Unable to access any anti virus sites
  • Folder options is disabled in Windows Explorer
  • Unable to run Windows Registry Editor regedit.exe
  • System restarts often

Brontok Manual Removal Steps

In order to remove Brontok Manually, the following steps have to be followed. The virus restarts the computer if you try to kill the process. So its favourable if you have a different OS on the same machine or plug your hard drive to a different system and clean it up.

Read the rest of the article here at Removal of Brontok virus aka WORM_RONTOKBRO.Y

:) 30 Mar, 2010
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