UTorrent 2.2 uTP means slower downloads

uTorrent which was recently acquired by BitTorrent has a new feature called uTP which stands for Micro Transport Protocol

µTP or “micro-Transport Protocol” is a new protocol from BitTorrent, Inc. that is at the heart of the new major release of our popular BitTorrent clients “µTorrent” and “BitTorrent Mainline”.

This protocol or feature is designed to slow down the utorrent downloads when it detects network is getting congested. Without this feature, torrent downloads would consume the entire bandwidth when used in a network, giving other users no or little bandwidth. uTP protocol works based on network delays and dynamic packet size to determine if it is consuming the entire bandwidth in a network, and accordingly uTorrent slows the download.

uTP Good or Bad?

uTP is good for co network users as one does not eat up the entire bandwidth, but it means slower uTorrent downloads, slower uploads which again makes slower downloads. In overall uTP makes torrent crawling to under 10 kbps in most cases, since uploads are also slow. uTP protocol makes torrent traffic of lower priority. If it could give equal priority to both traffic, we could see better download rates, which is a win - win for both users on the network.

Disabling uTP feature in uTorrent 2.2

uTP uTorrent slows down the upload/download speed. To disable uTP on uTorrent 2.2, goto Options > Preferences click on the BitTorrent option and uncheck the Enable bandwidth management (uTP).

Illustrated below:
Disabling uTP feature in uTorrent 2.2

Hope uTP is redesigned to get better results for both users.

08 Jan, 2011
Comments (4)
  • I want to see some stats please... for the most part your conclusion seems to be pulled out of thin air...

    On unrestricted connection i see no difference with uTP

    However one massive advantage on connections where ISPs send kill signals to TCP based torrent connections, uTP is the only way to get any transfer at all.

    With more ISPs doing this, turning of uTP is going to eventually isolate you... not necessarily because your ISP is sandvining, but because seeders ISPs are sandvining.

    By TOS 1.04 on 23 Apr, 2012
  • It Don't work

    Tried what you said and it didn't work. utorrent 2.2 is crap! DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!

    By jgooch44 on 14 Feb, 2011
    • uTorrent 2.2 Slow

      It doesn't improve your download speeds unless, all the seeders are not bandwidth limited.
      By digitalpbk on 14 Feb, 2011
    • well said

      well said

      By Anonymous on 27 Jul, 2011
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