Update Nvidia drivers on Sony Vaio

Updating Nvidia graphics drivers on Sony Vaio is been a problem recently as the driver installation is not detecting your hardware. Sony Vaio OEM provided drivers are not up to date and when installing drivers directly from the Nvidia GeForce website, the screen says

NVidia installation cannot continue This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware
Nvidia sony driver update problem

To Solve the problem you need to change an inf file after you downloaded your drivers. The inf files for each drivers are given here. Download your approriate drivers matching your Windows and architecture (32bit or 64bit).

The latest version available is Nvidia Notebook Display Driver Version 285.62 WHQL for Windows Vista / Windows 7 x86 (32-Bit).

Steps to replace the NVidia Driver inf File

  • Assuming you extracted your driver to C:NVidia
  • Download the new nvwi.inf
  • Open C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\285.62\WinVista_Win7_64\InternationalDisplay.Driver
  • Paste and overwrite the nvwi.inf

Now run the setup.exe in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\285.62\WinVista_Win7_64International\ and it should work and update your Nvidia drivers in Sony Vaio.

Warning : I have found my laptop battery performance to go down after using the new drivers although you need the new drivers for the latest games. The fan is always on and on the whole the laptop is always hot. Hope this gets fixed soon.

20 Nov, 2011
Comments (2)
  • me too...
    until restart laptop, memory dumping...
    so what should i do to resolve this maatter?
    23x my laptop memory dumping..

    THX so much...

    By yusak fery on 02 Dec, 2011
  • Shuts down showing blue screen

    thanks for ur suggestion ..but i had already did this above mentioned procedure..the driver was successfully installed but after the restart my computer automatically shuts down showing blue screen saying the physical memory dumping..
    so what should i do to resolve this maatter..

    waiting for ur quick response

    By suresh on 27 Nov, 2011
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