Turn on Bluetooth/Wifi on Sony Vaio CW Series

Sony vaio comes preloaded with a utility called Vaio Smart Network, which controls the power status of the Wifi and Bluetooth radios. This is enabled only when the Wireless button on the laptop is turned on. So in order to turn on Bluetooth or Wireless, first slide the button on the front of the laptop towards the right hand side.

Now you can enable the Wireless or Bluetooth as shown in the screenshot below. The Wireless green icon is present in the task bar. (Right bottom of the screen) .

Sony vaio smart network bluetooth wireless panel

But sony vaio smart network icon is missing !

Normally after a resume from hibernate or windows explorer crash the Smart network utility is killed. And it would seem there is no other way to get the panel without restarting. In this case all you have to do is take Run (WinKey + R), type in services.msc
Find VSNService and click Start or restart . See the image below for details ..

Sony Vaio Smart network service restart

:) 17 Jun, 2010
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