Web2Image - Free Firefox and IE website screenshot capturing tool

This is an application that takes screenshots of websites. It can take screenshots as rendered by both Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which currently is not supported by any of the softwares out there. This is a software that is an HTML to JPEG, HTML to PNG, HTML to BMP etc and can be automated with input from a file.

Currently the development version is out. Since I am busy with many things. I dont have time to develop it in full, If anyone is interested in the software, and need a full blown version with more features contact me, (Leave a comment)

The software is spyware and adware free, and obviously not a virus.But still do run your favorite antivirus to be sure its not infected.

Development Version

The software is a dev version, it works fully. But can be prone to bugs. Please let me know about any bugs you may encounter. All comments and feature requests welcome.

XULRunner / GECKO Location

You would need XULRunner or Firefox to enable Firefox screenshot. Please enter the installation path of Firefox into the Gecko Location option to enable Firefox screenshot capture.


  • Windows XP, Vista, 98, etc

18 Nov, 2009
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