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  1. CodeIgniter: Use GET Parameters for OAuth or Facebook

    Codeignitor destroys your GET parameters, because it does not use it, however for applications that use OAuth, Facebook Applications or Facebook authentication using Facebook connect, GET parameters are required.

    In order to retrieve GET parameters from Code Ignitor, first we have to change the config.php, …

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  2. Solve "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by *.php"

    Solve  "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by *.php"

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by somefile.php (output started at somefile.php:###) in somefile.php on line ###

    This Warning is shown by PHP when you use the header function to output headers or use the setcookie function to set cookies after … read on

  3. Removing index.php From URL in CodeIgniter

    In Code Ignitor by default all URLs except the default home contains "index.php" by default in the URL, For example http://localhost/index.php/class/function.

    In order to make the URLs "cleaner", we have to remove "index.php" from the URL. This is done using the mod_rewrite module in apache …

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  4. PHP file_get_contents giving garbled output

    Are you getting garbled values when using file_get_contents fetching an external URL (website scrapping using php) and wondering what went wrong ? The content is appearing to have wierd characters instead of normal HTML output because of GZIP output encoding by the website you are …

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  5. Detect in form_alter if the node submitted is added or edited

    When you want to alter a form on Drupal, it is useful to detect if the form being submitted is to add a new node or edit an existing node. To detect if a form is being added or submitted, check the

    $form[]['nid']['#value'] … read on

  6. Showing similar content nodes on Drupal

    To show similar content nodes on drupal you have to install the similar module. After installing the similar module

    • goto admin/build/block
    • Drag the Similar Entries module


    If you want to integrate the similar content to the node body, call the similar_content theme function. print … read on

  7. Remove Flash Tracking on AddThis module on Drupal 5

    If you use AddThis module on drupal, you might have noticed that a 1px by 1px flash object is created which sets tracking cookies on your pages. This is transparent to the user most time and you will see it only under generated source view. …

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