Photoshop Resize Batch images in a directory

Nowadays most camera's produce so big photos like you could make a big banner with those. Inorder to upload photos to web to photo sharing services like Flickr or Picasa, or Social Networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook, we should reduce the image resolution ie (Width & Height) scale down the image so that it can be uploaded quick and easily. For those who have photoshop CS3 installed, there is a quick and easy way to scale the images in a batch. This is so simple you needn't be a tech savvy to do this.

First open Photoshop. Take File > Scripts > Image Processor as shown in the image below :

Photoshop Menu

Instructions for Batch Resize

  1. Press Select Folder to choose the source folder.
  2. Select the Save Folder
  3. Tick the Save as JPEG option
  4. Tick the Resize to Fit option
  5. Enter the resolution you want to fit the images in. It would not scale to loose the aspect ratio which is what you want
  6. Press Run

The following image shows the conversion window.

Photoshop Batch Window

Now how easy was that. :)

02 Nov, 2009
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