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  • Photoshop Resize Batch images in a directory

    Photoshop Resize Batch images in a directory

    Nowadays most camera's produce so big photos like you could make a big banner with those. Inorder to upload photos to web to photo sharing services like Flickr or Picasa, or Social Networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook, we should reduce the image resolution …

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  • Remove Flash Tracking on AddThis module on Drupal 5

    If you use AddThis module on drupal, you might have noticed that a 1px by 1px flash object is created which sets tracking cookies on your pages. This is transparent to the user most time and you will see it only under generated source view. …

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  • Welcome to digitalpbk.com

    Well just to have something to get started. :)

    This is my experiment with drupal. I got somehow drupal to run, figured out and tinkered it as far as I know. I am a drupal 5 developer, has written a few modules in it, for …

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