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  • Canon SX120 IS - 10x Zoom & 10 Megapixel - Review

    Canon SX120 IS - 10x Zoom & 10 Megapixel - Review Looks & Price I bought a canon sx120IS, and these are my first impressions about the camera. It certainly doesn't look all that glossy and stylish like a Sony. It is priced at roughly Rs 15995 but it cost me about Rs 15k which did ... read on

  • Perl Script to send Free SMS to any mobile number in INDIA using way2sms

    The following script sends SMS to any number in INDIA using the free service provided by Way2Sms.com Requires WWW::Mechanize and Compress::Zlib libraries. Please remember to fill the username and password in the fields that is mentioned in the script.

    Updated code on ...
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  • Showing similar content nodes on Drupal

    To show similar content nodes on drupal you have to install the similar module. After installing the similar module

    • goto admin/build/block
    • Drag the Similar Entries module
    OR If you want to integrate the similar content to the node body, call the similar_content theme ... read on

  • Firefox 3.5 Embarrassing Error Message

    Firefox 3.5 Embarrassing Error Message That was an embarrassing error message :D read on

  • How to Integrate another Website to Google Analytics Tracking and Adsense

    How to Integrate another Website to Google Analytics Tracking and Adsense This was supposed to be obvious, but I couldnt find easily how to integrate Google Adsense and Analytics to track your Adsense Ad performance on google analytics. Make sure you display ads on your page and the analytics tracking code. Make sure you have linked ... read on

  • Perl script to remove a directory and contents recursively

    This is the script for sandeep when he asked me how to delete a directory in perl. rmdir function only removes empty directories. So we need to remove the contents of the directory before removing the directory. So if the directory contains more directories / folders ... read on

  • IMTools - Linux command line tool convert images from one format to another

    This is a tool, I wrote for my Main Project a while back so I thought of putting it up here. The suite imtool was written to convert JPEG file to a RAW format for use with FPGA. The imtool utility can do much more ... read on

  • Installing Google Go on Linux Ubuntu

    One command install, Bash script to install Google Go in one Go #!/bin/bash ARCH=386 #CHANGE this setting to amd64 if you are on 64 bit. sudo apt-get install bison make gcc libc6-dev ed mercurial { cat ~/.bashrc; cat < ~/temp.bashrc mv ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc.old ... read on

  • Google Go HelloWorld Example Program

    Go is a new language from Google, and here is the first step to learn it: Google Go Hello World File : hello.go package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Printf("Hello World !!! \n") } Compiling & Running 8g hello.go 8l hello.8 ./8.out Output ... read on

  • Web2Image - Free Firefox and IE website screenshot capturing tool

    This is an application that takes screenshots of websites. It can take screenshots as rendered by both Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which currently is not supported by any of the softwares out there. This is a software that is an HTML to JPEG, HTML ... read on

  • How to remove a reference to a DLL or COM Component Object file in VB.Net

    How to remove a reference to a DLL or COM Component Object file in VB.NetA reference to 'XXXXX.dll' could not be added. A reference to the component 'XXXXX.dll' already exists in the project. This occurs when you add 2 versions of the same dll into your project. Before adding a reference to a new DLL you have ... read on

  • Adding HTML elements dynamically to a page

    So when I was sitting idle, moosa asked me how to add dynamic textboxes into a form without loosing values of the form values on the previous textboxes. So I thought of documenting the method here just in case anyone of you might want this ... read on

  • CHM Files Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

    CHM Files Navigation to the webpage was cancelled Does this window appear when you open CHM files ? This happend to me after upgrading to Internet Exporer 7. If you are wondering why you cant read the CHM files, just do the steps below : Steps for solving Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

    1. Close ...
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  • Changing the default Boot OS in GRUB on Ubuntu 9.10

    Ubuntu 9.10 ships with the new GRUB (Grand Unified Boot Loader 1.97 beta) in plain words its the software that boots the operating system you choose when you boot the computer. In earlier versions of Ubuntu / Grub to change the menu on the ... read on

  • Optimize Javascript files with Google Closure compiler

    Optimize Javascript files with Google Closure compiler

    Google has released / open sourced one of its internal tools, the javascript closure compiler. The closure compiler is used to optimize javascript files. It works by analyzing the code and removing redundancies and shortening variable names. This tool can be used to compress javascript files ... read on

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