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  • Correct Colors displayed on Laptop / LCD Screen on Windows 7

    Correct Colors displayed on Laptop / LCD Screen on Windows 7

    Laptop and LCD Monitors are poor in reproducing the actual colors compared to conventional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors. If not properly caliberated, the colours displayed can vary drastically. If you are using a laptop or LCD monitor, see the coloured box below.


    The …

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  • Make WWW::Mechanize do not exit on GET Errors

    When using PERL and WWW::Mechanize, your script can stop if there is some error in GETing a URL (such as 404 Not Found, 403 Permission Denied). Instead of resuming, the script terminates. If you want the script to continue resuming, you have to pass

    autocheck …

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  • Sony Vaio CW VPCCW26FG Windows Experience Index

    Sony Vaio CW VPCCW26FG Windows Experience Index

    The Sony Vaio CW Series (VPCCW26FG) Got Experience index of 5.8

    More Details

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz 6.7
    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 6.3
    Gaming graphics 2263 MB Total available graphics memory …
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  • Apache Solr MySQL Sample Data Config

    ApacheSolr is an indexing server from apache. It is written in Java and can be used to make search pages on your website. Most Websites use a MySQL database to store its data and standard MySQL search using SQL or FULLTEXT Searching by MySQL. But …

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  • Compare Sony Vaio vs Macbook White

    Compare Sony Vaio vs Macbook White

    So I was looking for a new laptop and I had a couple of options like Dell Studio 15, Apple Macbook white and Sony Vaio CW series. Since I had took a loan amount for around USD 1300 ( 55000 INR), The laptops around my …

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  • Windows 7 showing Different Installed (4 GB) and Usable Memory (2.96 GB)

    Windows 7 showing Different Installed (4 GB) and Usable Memory (2.96 GB)

    Installed and Usable Memory Different on Windows 7

    Installed and Usable memory as shown by windows differs when you have installed a Graphics card which shared memory. If you have a graphics card of 1gb memory with shared option, the 1 GB of memory is not usable by other processes. So the usable …

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  • Sony Vaio Windows XP Drivers for CW Series (VPCCW26FG)

    Sony Vaio Windows XP Drivers for CW Series (VPCCW26FG)

    Sony Vaio CW Series VPCCW26FG Laptop Drivers

    Sony Vaio CW Series (VPCCW26FG) comes preloaded with Windows 7 by default. The new series has a new

    • Intel i5 Processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • NVidia Graphics with CUDA technology and 512MB Dedicated Graphics memory.

    For anyone who is interested in installing Windows XP, the drivers for …

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  • Linux style command line for Windows, Drag to Select, Right click to paste

    Linux style command line for Windows, Drag to Select, Right click to paste

    Ever wondered if you could want more out of the windows command line ?

    Usually on windows command line in order to select a piece of text, you have to right click the command line title and select mark and then mark the piece of …

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  • Automate Rsync without Password using Rsync Daemon

    In order to automate rsync without any password or transports, we need to setup the rsync daemon on one of the server. Suppose we want to sync data from a slave server to a live server.

    Configuring the Slave Server

    In the slave server we …

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  • Perl Script to Fetch PNR Status reservation on train from Indian Railways

    The code below is a perl script that fetches the PNR status from the indianrail.gov.in website and displays it on the command line.

    Warning: No one is authorised to make any type of commercial usage like putting web advertisements or SMS service and Reproducing/Transmitting/Storing in …

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  • List of Publically accessible drupal sites you can play around with

    Here's a list of sites for drupal developers to play around with.

    HTML Comments without moderation

    • www.themallblog.com
    • www.eatsleepandcode.com
    • www.layt.net

    Anonymous node editing

    • mature-ip.eu/node/115/edit
    • drupal.kldp.net (Its all Korean I dont know what all is possible)
    • drupal.x73.ch
    • proves2.iws.es/drupal
    • emusic.mozdev.org/drupal
    • www.news7newslinc.net
    • futuregrid.org
    • www.aidsvancouver.org
    • jennycrumiller.com

    Anonymous content creation

    • spencerhargiss.com/drupal …
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  • Detect in form_alter if the node submitted is added or edited

    When you want to alter a form on Drupal, it is useful to detect if the form being submitted is to add a new node or edit an existing node. To detect if a form is being added or submitted, check the

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  • Making symbolic links on Windows xp using junction from sysinternals

    Symlinks is a utility that allows two paths to point to the same set of files and subfolders. This is a handy utility on linux which lets you point one path on linux to another path. To do achieve the same functionality on Windows XP, …

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  • Mall Blog XSS in Comments

    So you came from the The MALL blog, this is because of opened out HTML comments on the MALL blog. The MALL blog has full html support in its comments, which is a dangerous feature. More sites :

    • www.eatsleepandcode.com
    • www.layt.net
    • mature-ip.eu : Any nodes …
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  • Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10

    Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10Google Chrome on Linux Ubuntu


    Click Here to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu. read on

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