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  • Django SocialAuth Fix Google Email Open id attribute exchange

    Django Social auth is a package that enables login to your django website with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. Allowing authentication from 3rd party websites which supports open authentication helps users easy to register to your website without filling too much details. Easier signup makes …

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  • Boot Time comparison Sony Vaio CW series VPCCW26FG versus E series VPCEB16FG

    Boot Time comparison Sony Vaio CW series VPCCW26FG versus E series VPCEB16FG

    This video compares boot time of two sony vaio laptops. Sony Vaio E series versus the Sony Vaio CW series (VPCCW26FG vs VPCEB16FG).

    The major difference is the E series has an Intel i3 Processor and the CW series has an Intel i5 Processor. E …

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  • Sony Vaio Battery Care utility Download

    Sony Vaio Batter care function free download

    Sony Vaio Battery Care Function utility is a sony vaio utility which helps improve battery performance by limiting maximum capacity to 80% of the full capacity.

    Read more about Sony Vaio Battery care function in How to Enable Battery care function on Sony Vaio to …

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  • How to Enable/Disable Battery care function on Sony Vaio to improve Battery life.

    How to Enable/Disable Battery care function on Sony Vaio to improve Battery life.

    Sony Vaio Battery care function increases your battery life time and battery back up in the long run by limiting the max capacity of the battery to 80% or 50%. This means the battery would only be charged to 80% in each charge-discharge cycle. The …

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  • Power plans missing - Restore power plans on Windows 7

    Power plans missing - Restore power plans on Windows 7

    Power saver plan on Windows helps you to give longer battery backup by reducing performance of certain hardware components like processor, graphics card, wireless network card etc and turning off devices which are not used. One sudden day my power saver option went missing on …

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  • How to change root admin user password in Drupal ?

    In order to reset the root or superadmin password on a drupal system, login into the database by looking at the

    . You can use phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL utilities like SQLYog, or MySQL command line. Run the following query to reset the … read on

  • Connecting Laptop to TV using HDMI Port

    Connecting Laptop to TV using HDMI Port

    Connecting laptop to tv using HDMI Port HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a new technology to connect Multimedia devices like laptops, DVD Players and TVs. It is capable of upto 10 Gbps transmission of High Definition Videosin Full HD Resolution (1080p). Unlike other ports that connect to screens like VGA, …

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  • Cygwin: Clear screen command, How to clear the screen ?

    Clear screen on cygwin

    Some one may be wondering where is the clear command on cygwin. If we type either

    we would be shown bash: clear: command not found. So there are many fancy ways to clear the command line prompt, but the one I …

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  • Sony Vaio CW VPCCW26FG EDID (Extended display identification data)

    Extended display identification data (EDID) is a data structure provided by a computer display to describe its capabilities to a graphics card. It is what enables a modern personal computer to know what kind of monitor is connected. EDID is defined by a standard published …
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  • CodeIgniter: Use GET Parameters for OAuth or Facebook

    Codeignitor destroys your GET parameters, because it does not use it, however for applications that use OAuth, Facebook Applications or Facebook authentication using Facebook connect, GET parameters are required.

    In order to retrieve GET parameters from Code Ignitor, first we have to change the config.php, …

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  • Install Wireless Wifi drivers on Sony Vaio CW on Linux Ubuntu

    Out of the box Ubuntu 9.10 wireless/wifi did not work on my Sony Vaio CW Series (VPCCW26FG), The following error message is shown on start up and on dmesg command.

    Could not read microcode: -2
    The solution was to install backports modules.

    Installing Wireless Drivers …

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  • Gumblar Virus Javascript removal using PERL

    Gumblar virus infects all .html and .php files and injects a piece of javascript in the source code. The code is usually found just below the <body> tag. The Javascript code Gumblar injects varies widely and usually attaches a script or inline frame inside your …

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  • Brontok Virus manual removal steps

    The Brontok virus is a commonly occuring virus and is transmitted mainly through removable Media drives such as Pen drives, Floppy Disks etc. Brontok appears in the form of a File Folder, with similar icons and has the same name as its parent folder. People …

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  • PERL: How to remove an element from hash or array?

    In order to remove an element from the array or hash, we have to use the delete keyword on perl. Using the delete keyword on the key of the hash or array (numeric keyed hash), we can delete elements of a hash or array.

    Example …

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  • igqjj.exe Manual Removal Steps

    igqjj.exe Manual Removal Steps

    IGQJJ.EXE is a Virus

    It is usually present in your C: drive hidden and is run on Windows start up using the registry settings. Read on to get rid of this virus.

    Removal Steps

    • Open Regedit.exe (Windows Run, Type in regedit.exe)
    • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run using …

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