Fix Always open a file type with a program on MAC

The obvious way of choosing the default program did not work, kept me wondering what is wrong. Apple is not known for this. Right click a file Open with Other, choosing a program, check Always Open With and Open, for some reason does not work.

To fix this, Right click, hold down the Option key (the menu changes from Open With to Always open with) and choose a program. Option right click on a file

This fixes the default opening application. But the menu still would not change.

To fix that, Right Click, Get Info, Open With Section, Choose an application, Click on Change All Button. Fix always open a file type with a program

Images show how to open "avi" files in VLC media player instead of QuickTime. Similarly you can open audio files using VLC instead of iTunes on mac.

Apple, fix this when you have time.

23 May, 2014
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