1. Bypass Screen lock on Xorg-1.11 Debian

    This is a scary bug in Xorg-1.11 in which by pressing a certain key combination the screen locking process is killed. I.e, you can by pass the password authentication used in lock screens. This bug is found in version 1.11 of X-org. The entire process …

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  2. Install Wireless Wifi drivers on Sony Vaio CW on Linux Ubuntu

    Out of the box Ubuntu 9.10 wireless/wifi did not work on my Sony Vaio CW Series (VPCCW26FG), The following error message is shown on start up and on dmesg command.

    Could not read microcode: -2
    The solution was to install backports modules.

    Installing Wireless Drivers …

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  3. Automate Rsync without Password using Rsync Daemon

    In order to automate rsync without any password or transports, we need to setup the rsync daemon on one of the server. Suppose we want to sync data from a slave server to a live server.

    Configuring the Slave Server

    In the slave server we …

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  4. Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10

    Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10Google Chrome on Linux Ubuntu


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  5. IMTools - Linux command line tool convert images from one format to another

    This is a tool, I wrote for my Main Project a while back so I thought of putting it up here. The suite imtool was written to convert JPEG file to a RAW format for use with FPGA.

    The imtool utility can do much more …

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  6. Changing the default Boot OS in GRUB on Ubuntu 9.10

    Ubuntu 9.10 ships with the new GRUB (Grand Unified Boot Loader 1.97 beta) in plain words its the software that boots the operating system you choose when you boot the computer. In earlier versions of Ubuntu / Grub to change the menu on the grub …

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