1. FIX: Can't paste onto input fields

    Some websites (especially bank websites, yes SBI) simply disallows you to paste onto input fields, making you to type tedius numbers. This seems to be a security measure, but nevertheless its very much annoying. This is done usually using the following code.

    So this is …

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  2. Free Light weight Social media sharing javascript for Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg and Reddit

    Social Media Buttons or buttons that help you share the content on bookmarking websites such as Stumble Upon, Reddit or Digg or social networking Websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Adding the buttons helps you to expose your content to a broader audience.

    There are …

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  3. JQuery make dynamic draggable and droppable containers

    The jquery UI javascript has the Draggable and Droppable Interactions inorder to implement a drag drop UI. By default draggable and droppable containers are marked draggable and droppable by jQuery when the page loades, As shown in the code snippet below for the jQuery Drag …

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  4. Adding HTML elements dynamically to a page

    So when I was sitting idle, moosa asked me how to add dynamic textboxes into a form without loosing values of the form values on the previous textboxes.

    So I thought of documenting the method here just in case anyone of you might want this. …

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  5. Optimize Javascript files with Google Closure compiler

    Optimize Javascript files with Google Closure compiler

    Google has released / open sourced one of its internal tools, the javascript closure compiler. The closure compiler is used to optimize javascript files. It works by analyzing the code and removing redundancies and shortening variable names.

    This tool can be used to compress javascript …

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