IOS 7.1 iPhone GPS always on fix

After iOS 7.1 update, the GPS arrow was always visible and draining battery considerably. Lets see how we can find the iOS application responsible for this and take steps to stop it. To stop GPS being always used we can turn off GPS in Location Services or find the app that causes this and revoke the location service GPS access.

Finding the App that uses location services (GPS) 

To find the app that is using GPS or location services, go into Settings App > Privacy > Location Services. If a purple arrow is present next to an app, it means it is accessing location services currently.

A gray arrow indicates it has used location services recently.

Toggle the location access to the app to see if the arrow on your status bar disappears.

In my case Google Plus and Google Maps were using location.

Turning off this solves the problem, but would render Google Maps application useless as it needs the location information to be useful. But accessing GPS even when we are not using the app might drain the battery faster.

To find out what is causing GPS access inside Google Maps App, Lets take Google Maps app

Settings > Location History > Location Reporting, and voila turn off the setting of Location Reporting.

Next kill the app by double tap swipe up.

Wait for the location services icon to disappear from the status bar!

What app was using your GPS? Let me know in comments!

Popular Apps using GPS

Google Maps

Google Plus


21 Jun, 2014
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  • Siri and Uber
    also uses Location Services

    By matt on 21 Jun, 2014 Reply
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