Correct Colors displayed on Laptop / LCD Screen on Windows 7

Laptop and LCD Monitors are poor in reproducing the actual colors compared to conventional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors. If not properly caliberated, the colours displayed can vary drastically. If you are using a laptop or LCD monitor, see the coloured box below.


The above box is a very light gray color. If your gamma or colour is not caliberated correctly the box can appear reddish, bluish or greenish. If your color seems to be not the light gray color, then follow the steps given below to calibrate the color on Windows 7.

Color Caliberation on Windows 7

Goto Control Panel > Appearence and Personalization > Display and click Calibrate Color as highlighted in the image given below:

Windows 7 Laptop Color Correction

Follow the steps to correct the Gamma, and color balance.

:) 02 Mar, 2010
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  • Sony Vaio Color Correction

    Thank You! Works Great !!

    By Meat Slicer on 13 Dec, 2010
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