Enable two finger flick Forward and Back in Synaptics

Two finger flick is a gesture that is used to move forward and backword in applications such as photo viewer software or a browser. This is a feature similar to the one available in Mac which is two touch scrolling. This post describers how to enable two finger flick on Windows just like in Macintosh.

Two-Finger Flick

The Two-Finger-Flick gesture enhances navigation for a variety of applications. You can use the Two-Finger-Flick gesture for browsing the Internet or scrolling through photos in a photo viewer window. You can also use the Two-Finger-Flick gesture to enter or exit slideshow mode.

To enable this feature, select the Enable Two-Finger Flick check box.

To use the Two-Finger-Flick gesture for navigation:

  1. Place two fingers, slightly separated, down on the TouchPad surface.
  2. Flick your fingers in a linear, continuous motion in the desired direction, moving from one side of the TouchPad to the opposite side.
  3. Horizontal finger motion, sliding your fingers to the right or left will page forwards or backwards in a photo viewer or an Internet browser window.

To use the Two-Finger-Flick gesture for slideshow mode, slide your fingers vertically. Slide your fingers upwards to launch slideshow mode. Slide your fingers downwards to exit slideshow mode.

Taking Synaptics Settings for Two Finger Flick

To enable this feature on your laptop, Goto Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Click on the Mouse > Click Device Settings tab on the window > Click Synaptics Touchpad > Click Settings >

Two finger flick settings

As shown in the above Window, open Application Gestures > Two-Finger Flick > Check the box that says Two finger flick

Press Apply and Ok.

Thats it now you are ready to flick and roll ;)

19 Mar, 2010
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