Connecting Laptop to TV using HDMI Port

Connecting laptop to tv using HDMI Port HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a new technology to connect Multimedia devices like laptops, DVD Players and TVs. It is capable of upto 10 Gbps transmission of High Definition Videosin Full HD Resolution (1080p). Unlike other ports that connect to screens like VGA, SVideo, the advantage of HDMI is that a single cable connection carries both the audio and video channels. The picture shows an HDMI port on the new Sony Vaio CW laptop.

A special cable is required to connect two HDMI capable devices. This sort of cable is shown right HDMI Cable High definition cable

You can get this cable for under $10 or around 400 INR. As for a short note regarding the HDMI cable buying guide, Quality of the HDMI cable is critical as it has to carry high frequency signal. So look for a properly shielded, High quality HDMI cable.

Now the other HDMI capable device here is an LG Scarlet 32 inch LCD TV. The following picture shows the available input ports behind the LCD TV.

LG Scarlet input-output ports

We have to plug in the one end to the laptop and the other end to the TV's HDMI port, which is not pretty hard to find as shown in the picture above. The HDMI port is top left and has two ports. Among the other ports are S-Video, VGA RGB and component in (RCA).

The laptop should now detect an external screen. Now right click on the desktop and take Screen Resolution

HDMI Screen Resolution Settings Now you should be able to set a proper resolution for your other device like the LG TV as shown. If your device is not detected click "Detect Displays".

Now you should be able to use your external screen as a desktop or browse the internet using a TV screen or as a movie screen :)

Browsing on LG Scarlet screen

How to remove hdmi from laptop?

To remove the HDMI cable just unplug the cable. There is nothing to unmount like in a USB. You can remove the HDMI connector from the laptop.

To know which laptops have HDMI see Laptops with HDMI Port

Don't have an HDMI port?

Find out other options to Connect laptop to TV

05 Apr, 2010
Comments (41)
  • HDMI screen is not sharp

    I have successfully connected my 32" Fluid flatscreen tv to my Acer via HDMI port.
    I have my display on Extended Mode and resolution of the TV at 1920 x 1080.
    However, the screen is not sharp at all, it is very straining to read. I think one of 3 things is happening: either the display is squeezed/stretched, or there is a problem with the connection/communication, or the laptop is not capable of outputting a sharper resolution.
    Any suggestions or tips or information about what is happening?

    By Justin on 23 Nov, 2011
  • Blank screen on both TV and Laptop

    I hooked up a HDMI cable to my computer and TV and hit the wrong setting and have a blank screen on both help me please, even when I unhook the cable from the computer it has a blank screen

    By phyllis on 19 Nov, 2011
    • Try hitting the screen change shortcut

      Windows + F7 usually cycles through the modes. Give it a try.

      By digitalpbk on 23 Nov, 2011
  • can anyone give me help pleas i have a panasonic viera tv 2 hdmi ports and i have a ecer aspire 5315 laptop i have connected everything up and when i turm my computer of and put it back on it boots up on my tv then goes off i have no idea how to do this its confusing i have no idea how to change the resalution on my tv i was thinking if that was the problem

    By sean on 15 Nov, 2011
  • TV Blank screen!

    I have connected my laptop to my tv via hdmi but all that displays is the background screen. No icons, applications, nothing,, whats the deal


    By rick on 12 Nov, 2011
    • You are running in extended mode

      Check your display settings to see if you're connected in "extended mode"
      See if you can drag your applications off your laptop screen and into the TV.

      You can switch to cloned mode, meaning the same screen on both laptop and TV by pressing Windows + P and select Duplicate.

      Check this to
      see how to configure your display settings

      By digitalpbk on 12 Nov, 2011
  • Acer Laptop to INsignia

    I can get my laptop on the tv... but its a still shot of just my acer desktop background??? I am frustrated and not very good with this stuff. Thanks for the help and support... How do i play a movie or just show the screen instead of just the background??

    By Jeff on 01 Sep, 2011
    • Is ur laptop screen running on extended mode?

      Hi Jeff, the second HDMI monitor might be running in extended mode. This means you can drag your applications from your laptop monitor to the TV which was connected using the HDMI cable. To change this you can go into Display settings and change it to cloned or duplicate mode to see the same desktop in both screens. Alternatively look for a shortcut on your keyboard that changes display modes. It should look something like a screenand it is usually found on F7 function key.
      By digitalpbk on 01 Sep, 2011
  • Hi there, I have previously

    Hi there, I have previously been able to connect my laptop to my LG LCD TV by just connecting the HDMI cable no problem it just did it automatically.

    However I tried again recently it has just stopped working. The TV recognises something is connected but says no signal, the laptop doesnt recognise anything, even after switching the output screens. The cable definitely works as I have tried it with a PS3.

    I remember the last time I tried to disconnect the laptop from the TV (when it was working), the laptop did not fully disconnect and the sound was still playing via HDMI even when it was not connected. I just disabled the HDMI on the volume settings...Could this be the problem (I have enabled it but still not recognising )

    By Frisco on 30 Aug, 2011
    • I'm having this same problem.

      I'm having this same problem. I had my computer hooked up to my LG TV via The HDMI Cable. It always set up automatically, It was working fine last night, I did not disconnected it from my laptop though I still had it connected to the TV, I just put my computer in hibernation for the night and turned off the TV. Now when I get back on my computer and turn the TV on it says it's connecting but then says there's no signal idk whats wrong with it. I've tried shutting down the computer, disconnecting it from the TV, switching inputs on the TV, and unplugging the TV but nothing has worked. My computer acts like it is connecting to the TV but the TV never gets any signal, and the HDMI cable is fine because I just connected my dvd player to see if it was working and it is. If anyone knows how to fix this please HELP! Thank you!

      By Anonymous on 08 Sep, 2011
    • I have the saaame roblem.

      I have the saaame roblem. Worked-- now no signal. If you found a solution let me know.

      By Bill on 10 Sep, 2011
      • re-installed the display adapter driver

        Guys, I just fixed this when I had exactly the same problem. I just uninstalled and re-installed the display adapter driver. Hope this helps you too. WOOHOO!

        By bob on 24 Nov, 2011
  • How to connect laptop to

    How to connect laptop to TV?
    I got the following cables from the shop??Is any other cable I need to buy??
    1. HDMI
    2. DVI
    3. VGA
    4. S-Video
    5. Composite/RCA
    Please help me on this!!!

    By real kona coffee on 30 Aug, 2011
  • Works, but then quits

    Hello, I am actually having 2 problems connecting my laptop (hp) to my tv (phillips) via hdmi. First I connect them and the laptop recognizes the tv just fine and the desktop is shown on the tv just fine, but no sound through the tv. Then after a couple of hours the tv loses picture, the laptop is still showing connected but the tv has no picture. I restart the laptop and it starts working again. I tried using all 3 of my hdmi ports on the tv and get the same result. Any ideas or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Also I am running vista on the laptop, I know that is probably the main problem right there lol

    By Tim h on 15 Aug, 2011
    • Works, but then quits

      I had the same problem...
      have a look at your processor and graphics card...
      Intel should run a nvidia or intel graphics
      AMD should run radeon...
      i had an intel processor running an intyergrated Radeon graphics and the size of the graphics will help i now have 2gb dedicated graphics works fine

      By Anonymous on 19 Aug, 2011
  • how to connect laptop and lcd tv using hdmi cable

    hi ,please can anyone guide me on the following ,i have an samsung 32 inch lcd tv and a 2year old lenovo laptop and the tv has an hdmi slot but the laptop doesnt have ,and i have an cable given by a friend where both the sides are hdmi inputs ,,is there any wire where one side is hdmi and another usb so i can connect tv and laptop respectively and play movies,becausethe tv has an option of connecting with pc.please help and if there is such a cable of 1 hdmi ,1 usb or nay other technology please help,
    and where can i get it in Mumbai and for how much approximately,. thank you.

    By Anonymous on 13 Aug, 2011
  • I can not connect Laptop & LG

    I can not connect Laptop & LG LCD TV with HDMI cable

    By MAN on 12 Aug, 2011
  • Wrong screen shown

    After connecting my Acer Aspire 7535G to a TV and messing around, trying to get sound to work on the TV, I finally got it working. This was a few weeks ago and, more recently, I have found that, if I don't shut my laptop down (ie. close the lid and put it to sleep), my laptop screen shows screen 2, with all my icons, start bar and start menu out of view. When I connect it to the TV again it sets it as screen 3 and still has the laptop screen as a secondary screen. In order for me to sort it easch time I have to drag all of the icons from the unseeable primary screen onto this secondary screen (what the laptop displays) and go through control panel, but this problem keeps occurring!

    Does anyone know how to sort this, or whether anyone else has had a similar problem?

    By Anonymous on 10 Aug, 2011
  • HDMI stands for High Definition MultiMedia Interface

    Dude HDMI stands for High Definition MultiMedia Interface (not input)....

    By Sukumaar on 08 Aug, 2011
  • HDMI not being detected


    i recently bought a Sony bravia CX52. The only issue im having is with dell inspirion 15r. my another laptop of Acer connects nicely with TV. but the DELL is not even being detected. help required!!

    pls note: dell too is new one

    By shashank on 02 Aug, 2011
  • hdmi and tv

    Im trying to connect my laptop with my tv and it works great but is there any way to have a stationary screen on the tv but be able to use my laptop without distrupting whats on the tv. For example can i use netflix and have it playing on the tv and then be able to pull up an internet window without it showing on the tv?

    By Anonymous on 30 Jul, 2011
  • Problem with HDMI 1 port on Sony TV

    I have a Sony TV model KDL46V-3000 and I seem to have an issue with the HDMI 1 input slot in the back of the TV. The HDMI 2 slot works fine with the cable box, PS3 and even the laptop, when they are connected, but number 1 slot does not. The screen stays black when I connect the cable. What could be the problem ? Thanks.

    By Neffy on 16 Jul, 2011
  • resolution problems on tv

    I have a sharp aquos 32 inch TV and I've been trying to get my toshiba laptop connected so that I can watch some HD movies and TV. I'm connecting it with an HDMI cable. I can get the picture to display on my TV, however I cannot get the resolution correct at all.

    The 2 obvious choices are 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720. However, with both of these resolutions there will be part of the screen hanging off the top and side of the TV so that I can't see the full picture.

    Trying other resolutions with result in there being large black borders around the edge of the screen and fonts appearing 'squashed' so they don't read correctly.

    It seems like it should be an easy thing to fix but I just can't fathom it out. Anybody encountered similar problems and have a solution to this?


    By Anonymous on 06 Jul, 2011
    • Similar thing!

      I have a very similar problem. In the beginning, I was using a VGA cable (worked great) and audio cable but realized I had an HDMI cable that came with my TV and wanted to try it since it seemed simpler. When I plug in the HDMI, the sound works fine, but there is an overflow of my start menu button and pretty much the whole screen, so that I can't see it (when using projector only - I have played with resolution and it only worsens the problem). When I try to duplicate screens, it thinks I have outputs 1/2 in my laptop and 3rd as my TV. Any ideas on how to get rid of the duplicate output in the laptop and the overflow of everything when using projector only??

      By Anonymous on 08 Aug, 2011
  • Panasonic Viera TX-P50U30 to Toshiba Laptop

    Hi there, thanks for the guide, I was able to connect it up properly.
    The only problem I have is the quality of the image. When i try to play a HD 1080p movie from my laptop using the extended screen, the image is clear as expected, but it lags quite badly. How can I fix this?

    Thanks and regards,


    By B on 04 Jul, 2011
  • hey

    hello there...

    i hav a panasonic viera has 2 hdmi ports...i want to play hi-def movies & play games from my laptop on my viera it possible tht i can play movies as well as games??...
    my doubt is have you connected the laptop to the lcd using "hdmi to hdmi" or "hdmi to div" ....i am really getin confused between d the two...which will deliver better picture quality and sound??...

    also on connecting will the sound as well as picture be played via the lcd tv or only the picture??,....

    replies awaited...

    By ric on 04 Jun, 2011
    • HDMI can play both movies and games

      Your HDMI connection can be thought of as an extension to your screen. So you can play or browse or watch movies on your TV with the HDMI to HDMI connection. The sound also gets played on the TV, so both audio and video are carried by the HDMI cable which makes movie viewing or playing games possible on TV without the need of additional cables. Sound and picture quality depends on the content you are playing on the laptop and the capability of your TV, HDMI is capable of transferring high quality video and audio content and would not degrade any quality while transferring unlike other modes such as VGA cables or RCA cables.
      By digitalpbk on 05 Jun, 2011

        Thanks for clearing my confusion....

        I have read people complaining that the picture size on their lcd tv is small while playing it through their laptop via HDMI cable.

        Maximum resolution of my laptop is it enough to get the full size picture on my 32" lcd tv considering the fact that I play only HD movies[720p/1080p] from my laptop or do i need a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

        Also what will be the difference in picture and sound quality while playing from a laptop that has a 1360x768 resolution and 1 which has a 1920 x 1080 resolution on my 32" lcd tv


        replies awaited

        By ric on 06 Jun, 2011
        • Resolution on TV is not same as laptop

          Resolution on your TV should not be set to the same resolution on your laptop screen. For this, first make sure you dont clone the screen to the TV instead use the extended desktop mode. In this mode you can change the resolutions of the laptop and TV independently.
          By digitalpbk on 07 Jun, 2011
      • sound not working

        i have connected my acer laptop to my LG screen but there is no sound i have tried everything what could it possibly be

        By sam brennan on 09 Sep, 2011
  • Hello. Um.. After I have

    Hello. Um.. After I have connected my Toshiba T210 Laptop to my Sony TV, it became successful. But then, the screen appearing on the TV is too small. I have adjusted the setting on our TV, changing it to wide zoom. But still, it doesn't consume the full screen of the TV. I would like to enjoy the full view of my 40 inch tv, not just half of its screen.

    I hope you understand my concern. Please respond.

    By bxt on 03 Jun, 2011
    • What is the screen resolution?

      This mostly happens when you are giving a low resolution output to the TV. Can you check if the screen resolution on the second screen is given high enough that can be supported by your TV ? If your TV is FULL HD ready, it should support 1920 x 1080 resolution.
      By digitalpbk on 05 Jun, 2011
  • HDMI

    Hello, I get "No Support" when I connect my hdmi from laptop to tv. I tried reinstalling driver and reinstalled windows 7 but no answer. It was working fine, but I connected the VGA to my friends TV, then I came back home and tried connecting my HDMI to my tv but it stopped working. Any answer on how to fix it? I have Toshiba Satellite L650D laptop, windows 7 64 bit.

    By Anonymous on 12 Apr, 2011
    • Try changing your screen resolution?

      Hi I think most probably you are running on a resolution that your TV cant support. Change the HDMI screen resolution, give it a shot.
      By digitalpbk on 12 Apr, 2011
  • Image but no sound from TV

    Hi, when I connect my laptop to the tv, it happens that there is image but no sound from the tv. In the sound devices in my laptop I can see the Digital Audio (HDMI) device but somehow the sound is still played by my laptop speakers. Advice on how to solve this would be great as many seems to face similar issues. Thanks.

    By Little on 06 Apr, 2011
    • Image but no sound from TV using HDMI cable from laptop to TV

      Have Sony Vaio laptop which I use HDMI cables to other Sony Bravia tv with no problem but when I try to hook up to Internet TV - I have no sound .

      I've made several attempt - swithcing HDMI set up from 1 to 4 but nothing.

      Any suggestions ?

      By Anonymous on 01 Sep, 2011
  • question

    my laptop is Sony and I not have entrance of HDMI, just the lift entrance like the picture in this page. I need the cable for left entrance to connect with TV, and in my TV have a entrance of HDMI. do you have this cable or not or wher can I find it?

    By moath on 01 Apr, 2011
    • No HDMI output port on laptop?

      I think what you are referring is that you do not have an HDMI port on your laptop, but have an HDMI compatible TV. I think you wont be able to find cables for these types. You may find converters which is not useful if your TV has other modes of input like the VGA cable.
      By digitalpbk on 01 Apr, 2011
  • Anything on How to Connect Laptop to Home Theatre via HDMI?

    Hi Arun, I am trying to connect my laptop with HDMI cable to my sony dav dz310 home theatre, but in both cases (laptop and home theatre), they don't recognize the hdmi connection.
    Can you tell me what settings do i need to select on laptop or theatre so that it can recognize?
    I m running Windows 7 32 bit, Dell Inspiron 15r. I am using this home theatre with 3.5 audio jack and it's not delivering a great performance via the port because i've listened the theatre from USB drive and DVD/Cd and it's just fantastic and I just want to feel the same when I play games on Inspiron 15r.
    Your response will be invaluable to me.


    By kk on 08 Jan, 2011
    • Sony DAV-DZ310 Home theatre HDMI

      Hi KK, Please see the specification of the Sony DAV-DZ310.
      5.1ch DVD Home Theatre System Dramatic Minimalism. Simplicity and power are the keys to your first premium home theatre. * HDMI Output (Upscale 1080p for DVD) * USB Movie Playback (DivX and MPEG-4 Simple Profile) * USB Record and Play Function * BRAVIA Sync * Easy Connection via Audio Return Channel * Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
      Note that it does not have an HDMI input port, but just an output. So connecting laptop to the sound system does not work since, you are connecting output of your laptop to output of the Home theatre system.
      By digitalpbk on 09 Jan, 2011
      • connect from laptop to home theatre

        which is the best way to connect from laptop to home theatre

        By sandeep on 08 Sep, 2011
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