How to Enable/Disable Battery care function on Sony Vaio to improve Battery life.

Sony Vaio Battery care function increases your battery life time and battery back up in the long run by limiting the max capacity of the battery to 80% or 50%. This means the battery would only be charged to 80% in each charge-discharge cycle. The backup would be lower in the beginning, but in the long run average battery backup would be more. Thus the battery capacity is not utilized fully.

Battery life will be about 80% of the one of the fully charged battery, however, this mode prevents battery degradation and is more effective if you usually use the computer with battery power.
[Note] When you use the AC adapter to power the computer and the battery power is higher than the desired value, it takes time to reach the specified amount of battery charge. It is recommended to discharge the battery to less than 80% by using the computer with battery power.

In order to enable Sony Vaio Battery care function,

  • Take Vaio Control Center (from Control panel or by typing Vaio Control Center in the start menu).
  • On left side click Power management and then click on the Battery sub item
  • Click on enable Battery care function as shown below.
    Enable battery care function on Sony Vaio
    Uncheck it to disable battery care function.
  • Click on advanced and choose 80%
    Battery care window

If your computer is charged to 100%, unplug from the power source, and let the battery go below 80%.

Now you should see lesser battery degradation. :)

Download Battery Care

16 Apr, 2010
Comments (8)
  • my old battery was only gives backup 15 minutes i buy a new battery from Sony i inserted battery but it was not charging after 80 % gives same problem after
    above link made me think change the setting now it is working fine thanks alot

    By Nayazuddin on 26 Jun, 2012
  • battery 80%

    do i unplug the power or remove battery anytime its gets to 80%?

    By anonymous on 20 Nov, 2011
    • sony vaio battery care

      You dont have to unplug or remove the battery. Just install the utility and your battery would be charged only to 80%.

      By digitalpbk on 20 Nov, 2011
  • how enable battery care on hp laptop

    i downloaded battery care function from that link , but on hp laptop , i can't enable battery care because i don't have vaio control center abd when i run battery care directly , it isn't work and disable ... please help me...

    By hakan on 21 Sep, 2011
  • reason why is better in the long run

    I already read that info in my brand new vaio, but can't find a review or opinion about the reason it will be better in the long run.
    The battery states to last up to 6 hours, but it barely get up to 5, plus 80% it goes down to 4.30 hous, and the last 10% is asking you to plug it again or it will go in hybernation...

    Total, a bit more then 3 hours of utility time. Good computer but battery life not enough imo

    By Carlos Rubio on 10 Sep, 2011
  • Thanks

    This was hard to find, but it works beautifully. Thank you.

    By Samir on 01 Sep, 2011
  • Can't find Vaio Control Center

    I tried to search for the Vaio Control Center on the Start Menu, but nothing comes up. I don't think I have any Sony Software on my laptop anymore

    By Alice on 31 Aug, 2011
  • Thanks!!!!!!!

    After 10 minutes, I found the solution, thanks to you...
    So thanks!

    By Juan on 12 Aug, 2011
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