Boot Time comparison Sony Vaio CW series VPCCW26FG versus E series VPCEB16FG

This video compares boot time of two sony vaio laptops. Sony Vaio E series versus the Sony Vaio CW series (VPCCW26FG vs VPCEB16FG).

The major difference is the E series has an Intel i3 Processor and the CW series has an Intel i5 Processor. E series is 15 inch and CW series is 14 inch.

25 Apr, 2010
Comments (2)
  • I'm writing from a VAIO E

    I'm writing from a VAIO E series model VPCEB3C5E:
    the VAIO E you use have something wrong. Absolutely.

    By bakla89 on 02 Mar, 2011
  • different processors, memory, HDD speed

    This could be due to different processors, memory, HDD speed or even a fresh clean install vs a bloated one. Hard to compare since we don't know any of those excepto for proc.. E series = i3 while CW = i5 (not even know the i3 or i5 exact models). So it doesn't serve quite much as a comparisson... but thanks for the vid, I could finally see how the white ones look and the size difference =) I love E series!

    By newkororaa on 07 May, 2010
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