Google search goes social with Social Search Results - The Facebook effect ?

The following is the screenshot of Google Search result page when searched for something my friend has blogged on.

Google Social Results

Is google moving towards a social networking side ?

Google is slowly adding the "Social" aspect to all its products. After launching Buzz on Gmail, "Social Results" aspect in "Google Search" results too reveals this trend.

Google seems to be worried about the immense growth of Facebook. Facebook being an awsome platform for any "social" activities has attracted millions of users all over the world. Facebook can start its own search engine because either way the content writer or the content producer and the consumer are both likely to be already a Facebook user. This is scary for Google, which has 99% of its revenue from ads shown in search results and websites.

In terms of traffic Google is currently the number 1 followed by Facebook. Google is anticipating and making steps so that it stays ahead of Facebook. In my opinion Google should do what is supposed to do best that is being Search and Facebook do what it is supposed to do best, that is Social Networking.

Do you think Google needs to be another Facebook ?

Share your thoughts...

11 May, 2010
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