How to access realtime google analytics

Google has launched realtime analytics to Google Analytics product. You can see in near realtime how many people are currently active on your site.

Access Google Analytics Realtime

Realtime analytics also shows the keywords, referring URLs and visitor locations on a map that are updated realtime. Earlier analytics data used to lag by around 3 - 4 hours, Google has made a significant achievement in getting the analytics realtime. However note that you will not have access to Google Analytics realtime if you have limited access to the profile on which you are trying to see analytics realtime.

Currently Google Analytics Realtime is in Beta stage, So you might not have access to it. If you dont have access to google analytics realtime yet, you can apply here.

Check if you have access to google analytics realtime? Follow the steps to access:

Steps to access Google Analytics Realtime

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  • Sign into Google Analytics
  • Click on the new Version from the top right portion as it is available only in the new version of Google Analytics
  • Click on a website profile from the page/
  • Click on Home menu on the main navigation under the Analytics logo besides your website name.
  • Now on the left navigation you should see Real time (BETA)
  • Open the menu and click Overview
  • This brings up Google Analytics Realtime View.
  • Have fun watching your stats realtime!

Features in Google Analytics Realtime

Google analytics gives live:

  • Vistors Count
  • Pageview per second / per minute
  • Top Referrer URLs
  • Top Searched Keywords
  • Top Locations
  • Top Active Pages

Thank you Google

06 Nov, 2011
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