Change or Increase font size on Eclipse IDE

I have a Sony Vaio CW Series laptop, and it supports a high resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels in a small 14 inch screen. The pros of this resolution is to have more screen space for editors or IDEs such as Eclipse. The bad part is you have to strain too much to read whatever is on the screen which is bad for your eyes.

So in-order to ease your strain, increase the font size on Eclipse editors.
To increase font size,

  • Open Eclipse.
  • Goto Window > Preferences
  • Eclipse change font size
    As shown, Goto General > Appearence > Colors and Fonts
  • On the right panel Select Editor Font and click the Edit Button.
  • Increase the font size on the new window and press Ok on both windows
  • Done.

Now that should ease up your eye strain :) .

06 May, 2010
Comments (2)
  • Nice

    thanks, I actually wanted the opposite, a smaller font.

    By Nassim on 03 Aug, 2011
  • Perfect

    That did the trick! Thank you!!!

    By Anonymous on 29 Oct, 2010
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