Drupal - CMS, A Popular PHP based content management system
  1. How to change root admin user password in Drupal ?

    In order to reset the root or superadmin password on a drupal system, login into the database by looking at the

    . You can use phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL utilities like SQLYog, or MySQL command line. Run the following query to reset the … read on

  2. List of Publically accessible drupal sites you can play around with

    Here's a list of sites for drupal developers to play around with.

    HTML Comments without moderation

    • www.themallblog.com
    • www.eatsleepandcode.com
    • www.layt.net

    Anonymous node editing

    • mature-ip.eu/node/115/edit
    • drupal.kldp.net (Its all Korean I dont know what all is possible)
    • drupal.x73.ch
    • proves2.iws.es/drupal
    • emusic.mozdev.org/drupal
    • www.news7newslinc.net
    • futuregrid.org
    • www.aidsvancouver.org
    • jennycrumiller.com

    Anonymous content creation

    • spencerhargiss.com/drupal …
    read on

  3. Detect in form_alter if the node submitted is added or edited

    When you want to alter a form on Drupal, it is useful to detect if the form being submitted is to add a new node or edit an existing node. To detect if a form is being added or submitted, check the

    $form[]['nid']['#value'] … read on

  4. Showing similar content nodes on Drupal

    To show similar content nodes on drupal you have to install the similar module. After installing the similar module

    • goto admin/build/block
    • Drag the Similar Entries module


    If you want to integrate the similar content to the node body, call the similar_content theme function. print … read on

  5. How to Integrate another Website to Google Analytics Tracking and Adsense

    How to Integrate another Website to Google Analytics Tracking and Adsense

    This was supposed to be obvious, but I couldnt find easily how to integrate Google Adsense and Analytics to track your Adsense Ad performance on google analytics. Make sure you display ads on your page and the analytics tracking code. Make sure you have linked …

    read on

  6. Remove Flash Tracking on AddThis module on Drupal 5

    If you use AddThis module on drupal, you might have noticed that a 1px by 1px flash object is created which sets tracking cookies on your pages. This is transparent to the user most time and you will see it only under generated source view. …

    read on

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