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  1. Launched! Launched!

    Hello folks, This blog was more or less dormant, as I was cofounding and tinkering with this awesome new site for all foodie lovers and wannabe chefs to showcase their talent ! And now after months of work, the site is ready for ya! Head …

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  2. Less CSS Compiler for Windows (lessc.exe)

    Less CSS Compiler for Windows (lessc.exe)

    LESS CSS Compiler

    LESS is a language that helps CSS Designers to write better manageable and extensible CSS style sheets.

    Current less compiler called lessc is only available for the *nix platforms, which can compile LESS files to CSS.

    Where is lessc.exe ?

    lessc.exe for those who are …

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  3. Django SocialAuth Fix Google Email Open id attribute exchange

    Django Social auth is a package that enables login to your django website with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. Allowing authentication from 3rd party websites which supports open authentication helps users easy to register to your website without filling too much details. Easier signup makes …

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