Bypass Screen lock on Xorg-1.11 Debian

This is a scary bug in Xorg-1.11 in which by pressing a certain key combination the screen locking process is killed. I.e, you can by pass the password authentication used in lock screens. This bug is found in version 1.11 of X-org. The entire process is killed and you cannot lock the screen again with the Ctrl + Alt + L combination.

What is the combination?

Press Ctrl + Alt + * (Multiplication key)

This version is used in Debian and could be reproduced. However the latest version of Ubuntu seems to be unaffected by this bug.

How to fix ?

The version 1.11.3 of X-org seems to not have this bug. So doing an update would just fix it.

apt-get update xorg

20 Jan, 2012
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