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  • Gumblar Virus Javascript removal using PERL

    Gumblar virus infects all .html and .php files and injects a piece of javascript in the source code. The code is usually found just below the <body> tag. The Javascript code Gumblar …

  • Brontok Virus manual removal steps

    The Brontok virus is a commonly occuring virus and is transmitted mainly through removable Media drives such as Pen drives, Floppy Disks etc. Brontok appears in the form of a File Folder, …

  • igqjj.exe Manual Removal Steps

    igqjj.exe Manual Removal Steps

    IGQJJ.EXE is a Virus

    It is usually present in your C: drive hidden and is run on Windows start up using the registry settings. Read on to get rid of this virus. …

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