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  1. Apple mac OS X, preview of a PC

    Apple mac OS X, preview of a PC

    I just got this new Apple Macbook Pro, and was looking to share some of my files on the Windows laptop to the new Mac when I stumbled on this.

    The PC preview on a MAC OS X

    That's very subtle Apple :D

    If you did not get it, see the Preview section …

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  2. Fix broken Nexus S power button

    Most Google Nexus S phones seem to have a flimsy power button that gets defective after a while of use. This seems to be a hardware issue and only way to fix is to either take it to Samsung and get it repaired for a …

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  3. FIX: Can't paste onto input fields

    Some websites (especially bank websites, yes SBI) simply disallows you to paste onto input fields, making you to type tedius numbers. This seems to be a security measure, but nevertheless its very much annoying. This is done usually using the following code.

    So this is …

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