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  1. List of Publically accessible drupal sites you can play around with

    Here's a list of sites for drupal developers to play around with.

    HTML Comments without moderation


    Anonymous node editing

    • (Its all Korean I dont know what all is possible)

    Anonymous content creation

    • …
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  2. Detect in form_alter if the node submitted is added or edited

    When you want to alter a form on Drupal, it is useful to detect if the form being submitted is to add a new node or edit an existing node. To detect if a form is being added or submitted, check the

    $form[]['nid']['#value'] … read on

  3. Making symbolic links on Windows xp using junction from sysinternals

    Symlinks is a utility that allows two paths to point to the same set of files and subfolders. This is a handy utility on linux which lets you point one path on linux to another path. To do achieve the same functionality on Windows XP, …

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  4. Mall Blog XSS in Comments

    So you came from the The MALL blog, this is because of opened out HTML comments on the MALL blog. The MALL blog has full html support in its comments, which is a dangerous feature. More sites :

    • : Any nodes …
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  5. Number of Tennis Balls to make a 4 sided pyramid of 25 levels

    Answer : 5525 Balls

    Start from the top of the pyramid. For a pyramid of 1 level - Number of Tennis balls required is 1 For a pyramid of 2 level - Number of Tennis balls required is 1 + 4 For a pyramid of … read on

  6. Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10

    Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10Google Chrome on Linux Ubuntu


    Click Here to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu. read on

  7. Canon SX120 IS - 10x Zoom & 10 Megapixel - Review

    Canon SX120 IS - 10x Zoom & 10 Megapixel - ReviewCanon SX120 IS - 10x Zoom & 10 Megapixel - Review

    Looks & Price

    I bought a canon sx120IS, and these are my first impressions about the camera. It certainly doesn't look all that glossy and stylish like a Sony. It is priced at roughly Rs 15995 but it cost me about Rs 15k which did …

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  8. Perl Script to send Free SMS to any mobile number in INDIA using way2sms

    The following script sends SMS to any number in INDIA using the free service provided by Requires WWW::Mechanize and Compress::Zlib libraries.

    Please remember to fill the username and password in the fields that is mentioned in the script.

    Updated code on 28th October 2011. …

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  9. Divide A Triange into a 5 triangle of equal Area.

    The answer is pretty simple and straight forward. Area of a triangle is 1/2 x (base) x (height). So divide the base into 5 segments and join the segment end points to the vertex opposite to the base. Area of the triangles now is 1/2 … read on

  10. Jar of Oranges Apple and Mix of oranges and apple

    Answer : 1 Fruit

    The point to be noted here is that the labels of the jar are all mislabeled, that means the labels always lie. Now suppose we have the 3 jars as
    Labels on the jarOrangeAppleMixed
    Possible combination 1Apple …
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  11. Showing similar content nodes on Drupal

    To show similar content nodes on drupal you have to install the similar module. After installing the similar module

    • goto admin/build/block
    • Drag the Similar Entries module


    If you want to integrate the similar content to the node body, call the similar_content theme function. print … read on

  12. Firefox 3.5 Embarrassing Error Message

    Firefox 3.5 Embarrassing Error Message

    Firefox Embarrassing

    That was an embarrassing error message :D

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