Reset forgot unlock pattern on Android

Reset forgot unlock pattern in android phone

I Forgot the unlock pattern of my android phone! You can unlock the unlock pattern easily if you have linked your phone to a Google account and can remember its password. Here are the steps to unlock your android phone. (This is not about unlocking your bootloader)

Steps to unlock your Android phone

  • Try a few times to unlock your android phone until you are presented with a button to unlock the pattern as shown below. Forgot Pattern? unlock android pattern
  • Tap on the icon and now you will be asked to enter your google credentials Unlock android pattern with Google Account
  • Now if you are successfully authorized, you will be presented a screen to set a new lock pattern.
  • Put in a new pattern and confirm the pattern once.
  • Now you should be at the home screen with your unlock pattern reset.

Don't have a Google Account connected / No internet on your phone?

After creating an unlock pattern be sure to do a sync to google using WiFi so that google can verify your username / password without internet in case you forgot your unlock pattern again. * You will have to do a factory reset of your phone. See to see how to unlock bootloader and reset your phone

See a video that resets your lock pattern

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Did that work ?

The above steps are demonstrated on Google Nexus S, and it should work on similar phones like Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, HTC Wildfire, LG Optimus, LG Optimus 2x. Try and let me know!

08 Jul, 2011
Comments (3)
  • HI!

    I have a problem with my lg optimus 300 ,too many pattern attempts.
    i have a google account and password then i click sign in then after that you have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times.
    please try again in 30 seconds then i click ok, then i cant see the pattern to make a new .
    please help me please please ....

    By edrea on 04 Nov, 2012
  • Hi
    I have a problem with my samsung galexy 2,too many pattern attempts.
    I have a gmail account and password but it does not work.
    I also changed my password but it is the same
    Please help me.

    By Ali Mir on 26 Jul, 2012
  • what if you dont have a google account

    By karina on 03 Apr, 2012
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