Welcome to digitalpbk.com

Well just to have something to get started. :)

This is my experiment with drupal. I got somehow drupal to run, figured out and tinkered it as far as I know. I am a drupal 5 developer, has written a few modules in it, for the company SmartCrowds for which I work for. Drupal 6 is a little bit different. So if you find it a little plain and have ideas to improve, help me out.

Just Ignore the above, its pretty old and historically true, But now it runs on Django. I'm retiring drupal (too slow) and SmartCrowds already retired a couple of years ago.

29 Oct, 2009
Comments (3)
  • Cool site :) good luck :)

    Cool site :) good luck :)

    By Anonymous on 29 Nov, 2009
  • Awesome!

    Good work man!

    so are you the monkey on the top? and what are you looking at? into the browser close button? should i close it now?

    By sony on 06 Nov, 2009
  • Good luck with your efforts

    Good luck with your efforts :)

    By Anirudh on 30 Oct, 2009
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