11 Nov, 2009

CHM Files Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

Does this window appear when you open CHM files ? CHM Navigation to the Webpage was cancelled

This happend to me after upgrading to Internet Exporer 7.

If you are wondering why you cant read the CHM files, just do the steps below :

Steps for solving Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

  1. Close the CHM file
  2. Open it again and you will get the same popup as shown below CHM Navigation to the Webpage was cancelled popup
  3. Uncheck the checkbox
    Always ask before opening this file
    (Highlighted in the image above).
  4. Press Open
  5. Now it should work :)

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  • Thought there is some problem in windows 8 Consumer Preview. Used a chm to html converter first and then passed by this article. This solution is, well, embarrassingly simple! :-)

    By S44di on 20 Apr, 2012 Reply
  • Doubt

    here i open as per ur instruction after that a alert message comes"cannot open the file :mk:@MSITStore:c:\Document and Setting\.. " like that....

    can u help me ?

    By Vijayaraj on 06 Oct, 2011 Reply
  • CHM navigation is now working

    thank you... it works

    By sanyo on 14 Aug, 2011 Reply
  • You saved my day!!! Thanks a

    You saved my day!!! Thanks a bunch

    By Anonymous on 13 Mar, 2011 Reply
  • Not able to view Unblock option

    I am getting the same error.

    I am using Windows 7 (64bit) .
    For me there is no "UnBlock" option in properties window.

    By Anonymous on 19 Nov, 2010 Reply
    • Did u find a solution? I'm

      Did u find a solution? I'm not able to find the "unblock" option either..
      Can somebody plz help..I'm going crazyyy

      By Anonymous on 26 May, 2011 Reply
      • Can't Read CHM Fille Content - But no Unblock in Properties

        On a client's Windows 7 computer and their Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, there is no Unblock appearing in the properties of my CHM file - yet it still will not show the content on the right pane with the same "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". Did anyone find a solution?

        Please don't repeat the Unblock answer.

        By Anonymous on 28 May, 2011 Reply
  • Navigation was blocked solution

    Hi guys,

    I found a simple but a head-scratching solution. Just right-click on the .chm file and click properties. Then press the Unblock button. After that you should be able to open the .chm.

    Hope this helped :)

    By Violet on 27 Oct, 2010 Reply
  • Thanks! I don't get how MS

    Thanks! I don't get how MS thinks browsing a file is the same as opening it. It's after all their own file format.

    By Anonymous on 21 Oct, 2010 Reply
  • CHM File viewing

    Thanks so much! This absolutely worked for me under WIN 7 Pro....

    By 76 Warlock on 10 Oct, 2010 Reply
  • Hello, I have an application


    I have an application that is that creates a ".chm" file. On my local workstation the "Search" works great. But on other workstations the "Search" returns "No Topics Found". I deploy the hha.dll and hhc.exe with my application...Am I missing a supporting dll or something? Please help.

    By Anonymous on 28 Sep, 2010 Reply
  • Thanks CHM File navigation worked !

    It worked for me too. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    By Watsh Rajneesh on 21 Sep, 2010 Reply
  • Great article

    For some reason this did not work for me under Windows Vista Business.
    My problem was cause by windows blocking the help file. I had to go to properties and "Unblock" the file.

    I found nice instructions with screen shots on this site.
    <a href="http://boolcast.com/windows/11-miscellaneous/6-navigation-to-the-webpage-was-canceled-in-chm-file" rel="nofollow">http://boolcast.com/windows/11-miscellaneous/6-navigation-to-the-webpage-was-canceled-in-chm-file</a>

    By Alex on 31 Jul, 2010 Reply
  • View chm files

    Thanks for the solution!

    By ssumm on 09 Mar, 2010 Reply

    I spent half an hour looking for a solution and downloading installers off of msft download center before i came across this article. Worked like a charm in windows 7.

    By Find Cheap Buys on 07 Jan, 2010 Reply
  • thanks

    thanks, works straightaway :)

    By Anonymous on 17 Nov, 2009 Reply
    • i have the same problem, and want to search the resolve ways

      By stone on 02 Jan, 2012 Reply
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