Sprintf Function in Python

The printf or sprintf function is used to format strings in PHP and C programming constructs. sprintf in php returns the formatted string whereas printf just prints the output. $variable = sprintf("%d %s %d = %d",4,"+",5,9); print $variable; //OR printf("%d %s %d = %d",4,"+",5,9); //Both lines are identical. //Prints 4 + 5 = 9

On python, sprintf is handled using an operator instead of function. The % operator on a string does formatting. var = '%d %s %d = %d' % (4,'+',5,9)

The above code assigns var = "4 + 5 = 9"

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21 Mar, 2010
Comments (1)
  • multi line hear doc strings format

    Can multi line hear doc strings use this ? Like s = """ name : %s address: %s phone: %d mortgage amount: %d """%(name,address,phone,mortgage_amount)
    By newguy on 07 Dec, 2011
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