Resolve Net::MySQL Hang problem if the database result has only 1 row or is empty

Net::MySQL is a simple MySQL perl Client to connect to MySQL servers. But Net::MySQL hangs if your result set is having just one row.

Sample Net::MySQL code

#!/usr/bin/perl use Net::MySQL; $mysql = Net::MySQL->new( hostname => 'localhost', database => 'db', user => 'user', password => 'password', ); $gid = 1; $mysql->query('SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = 1'); if ($mysql->has_selected_record) { my $record_set = $mysql->create_record_iterator; while(my $record = $record_set->each) { printf "First column: %s \n", $record->[0]; } } else { print "not found"; } $mysql->close;

This script would hang since the result set contains just one row. This is due to incorrect detection of the end of packet message on Net::MySQL module. The last 5 bytes of the end of packet is usually FE 00 00 22 00. If the result set is having just one row MySQL returns FE 00 00 02 00. The function on Net::MySQL package checks for end of packet and fails to find if the result set has only 1 row.

# Line 460 sub _has_next_packet { my $self = shift; return substr($_[0], -5) ne "\xfe\0\0\x22\x00"; }

Thus the Perl module loops back and waits for more data from the server, thus the blocking socket call to recv makes the script hang.

Solve Net::MySQL Hanging Problem

In order to solve this problem use the following function to replace the function : _has_next_packet. sub _has_next_packet { my $self = shift; return (substr($_[0], -5) ne "\xfe\0\0\x02\x00" and substr($_[0], -5) ne "\xfe\0\0\x22\x00"); }

Now the script with Net::MySQL module should not hang :)

26 Mar, 2010
Comments (5)
  • I think I had just encountered and spent about 1-2 hours myself fixing the same problem and then after realising the problem applying the fix, and I start to realise my solution is working and then I just think if there is any such problem already reported before and I do a google search and I find your result first.

    Just too good, you had this solved before but my bad I had not come here before but now I am glad that I have come across your site for the first time and see it is lots of cool stuff around... Cheers!!
    I am going to be frequent visitor now :-)

    By Nikhil on 02 Jan, 2012
  • Thank you, this is quite

    Thank you, this is quite helpful.

    By Anonymous on 06 Mar, 2011
  • Wonderful !!!

    Many thanks, you are what i call an expert.

    By François on 22 Jan, 2011
  • Awesome!

    Amazing! You saved the day!

    By Nick on 16 Dec, 2010
  • Thank you

    This works as advertised. Thank you.

    By Anonymous on 23 Sep, 2010
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