Perl Script to check Google pagerank

In order to find out a Google Pagerank of a webpage, we can use the WWW::Google::PageRank module in Perl.

Click WWW::Google::PageRank to download the Google Pagerank module. Here is a simple script that takes the Website URL as a command line argument and prints the Google PageRank. OR Alternatively you can install the module using cpan

cpan -i WWW::Google::PageRank

#!/usr/bin/perl $webpage = $ARGV[0]; use WWW::Google::PageRank; my $pagerank = WWW::Google::PageRank->new; print scalar($pagerank->get($webpage)), "\n";

Usage of Perl Script to check PageRank


Getting Google Pagerank of Pages in Bulk

The following PERL script can be used to get pageranks of pages in bulk. Just pass the filename which has URLs in each line and it would output the pageranks of those pages as a CSV. #!/usr/bin/perl $file = $ARGV[0]; use WWW::Google::PageRank; my $pagerank = WWW::Google::PageRank->new; sub trim($) { my $string = shift; $string =~ s/^\s+//; $string =~ s/\s+$//; return $string; } open FILE,"<",$file; while(<FILE>) { if(/http:\/\/([^\/]+)/) { $webpage = "http://$1"; print $webpage . "," . scalar($pagerank->get($webpage)). "\n"; sleep 1; } } close(FILE); 11 May, 2010
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