FIX: Can't paste onto input fields

Some websites (especially bank websites, yes SBI) simply disallows you to paste onto input fields, making you to type tedius numbers. This seems to be a security measure, but nevertheless its very much annoying. This is done usually using the following code.

<input type="text" onpaste="return false;" />

So this is the script that loops through all the inputs and removes the onpaste calls.

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("input"); for(var i=0,L=inputs.length; i<L;i++) { inputs[i].onpaste = null; }

Copy paste the following to JS console.


If that's too techy, Drag drop the following link onto the bookmarks bar.

Enable Copy Paste

Click on the bookmark whenever copy pasting does not work.

Happy copy pasting.

19 Aug, 2013
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