Optimize Javascript files with Google Closure compiler

Google has released / open sourced one of its internal tools, the javascript closure compiler. The closure compiler is used to optimize javascript files. It works by analyzing the code and removing redundancies and shortening variable names.

This tool can be used to compress javascript files, (similar to the famous packer), results in lesser code to download, execute, obfuscation and faster user experience.

Since most web 2.0 or 3.0 applications uses a lot of javascript usually jQuery library or the YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Library to make RIA (Rich Internet Applications), this can be a very handy tool to improve Performance.

The example code shows converting the following script from function hello(name) { alert('Hello, ' + name); } hello('New user'); to function hello(a){alert("Hello, "+a)}hello("New user");

It removes whitespaces, and shortens the variable names.

Closure Compiler Appspot ScreenShot

A Few numbers :

For JQuery-UI Javascript :
Original Size298.5KB (70.93KB gzipped)
Compiled Size167.17KB (42.47KB gzipped)
Saved 44.00% off the original size (40.12% off the gzipped size)
For YUI Javascript :
Original Size118.35KB (27.23KB gzipped)
Compiled Size24.38KB (8.12KB gzipped)
Saved 79.40% off the original size (70.17% off the gzipped size)

Closure Tool Links : Other Similar Tools 06 Nov, 2009
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