Django SocialAuth Fix Google Email Open id attribute exchange

Django Social auth is a package that enables login to your django website with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. Allowing authentication from 3rd party websites which supports open authentication helps users easy to register to your website without filling too much details. Easier signup makes more registrations and helps you cover your django web hosting charges :D . The package is managed at github here, but it does not have a stable release yet.

One of the issues is the bug in open id attribute exchange of the "email" field when using Google for authentication. The fix is pretty simple, Google requires the type_uri of email to be set to Thus we have to change the OPENID_AX settings in to

OPENID_AX = [{"type_uri": "", "count": 1, "required": True, "alias": "email"}]

The other change is in the code which reads the openid parameters when login completes in socialauth/ Here is the complete openid authentication backend code with the fix.

class OpenIdBackend: def authenticate(self, openid_key, request, provider): try: assoc = UserAssociation.objects.get(openid_key = openid_key) return assoc.user except UserAssociation.DoesNotExist: #fetch if openid provider provides any simple registration fields nickname = None email = None if request.openid and request.openid.sreg: email = request.openid.sreg.get('email') nickname = request.openid.sreg.get('nickname') elif request.openid and if provider == 'Google': email ='') email = email.pop() else: email ='email') nickname ='nickname') if nickname is None : nickname = ''.join([random.choice('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz') for i in xrange(10)]) if email is None : valid_username = False email = None #''%(nickname) else: valid_username = True name_count = User.objects.filter(username__startswith = nickname).count() if name_count: username = '%s%s'%(nickname, name_count + 1) user = User.objects.create_user(username,email or '') else: user = User.objects.create_user(nickname,email or '') #create openid association assoc = UserAssociation() assoc.openid_key = openid_key assoc.user = user if email: = email if nickname: assoc.nickname = nickname if valid_username: assoc.is_username_valid = True #Create AuthMeta auth_meta = AuthMeta(user = user, provider = provider) return user def get_user(self, user_id): try: user = User.objects.get(pk = user_id) return user except User.DoesNotExist: return None

With these fixes the openid login with google should fetch you the email. :)

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28 Apr, 2010
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